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Books: Zeitgeist

On this page we offer works on the historical and social context that go to make up the zeitgeist (spirit of the age). These publications focus on art, archeology, historical and social research.

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Journal of the Early Americas Volume IV Issue I

50 pages, full color.

In this issue you will find articles on:
1. Arts and Artisans: Schnitzelbank: Building a Shaving Horse by W. Joe Batterton
2. Hoppus and Hatchet: It's the Paddle That Brings Us by Dick Weaver
3. The Early Americas: "All this load is attached by a band..." - The Humble Tumpline by Isaac Walters
4. Hearthstone: Rascal: The Word by Michael Barbieri
5. To Arms: The Franco-Spanish War on the Gulf Coast, 1719 by David McDonald
6. The Discerning Re-enactor: Becoming a Discerning Re-Enactor by Suzanne Larner
7. The Punchbowl: The Great Adventure by Theresa Brown Cortez
8. A Matter of Taste: A Brief History of George Washington's Distillery by The George Washington's Mount Vernon Staff
9. Reviews: A Spirited Resistance: the North American Indian Struggle for Unity, 1745-1815 A Book Review by Mark A. Suagee

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Fate, Hope and Charity by Janet Bright and others book cover

Journal of the Early Americas Volume IV Issue IV

50 pages, full color.

In this issue you will find articles on:
Hoppus & Hatchet: The Grand Adventure by Steve Orr
The Early Americas: How Much Does That Cost? by Wayne Krefting
Hearthstone: Was You Ever Up a Stump? -The Speech of Mountain Men by Stuart Wier
To Arms: 'The eyes of the country were upon us': USS ConstitutionĂ­s Final Fight, 1815 by Matthew Brenckle
The Discerning Re-enactor:-A Big Bang in a Small Space Creating a Military Interpretive Experience in Downtown Tucson by Rick Collins
----Great Rendezvous by Berit Allison
----It Started with an Idea by Stephanie Saager-Bourret
The Punchbowl: Gambling Rules for Issue 4.3 by Wayne Krefting
Reviews:-Freshwater Passages: The Trade and Travels of Peter Pond: A Book Review by Wayne Krefting
West of the Revolution: An Uncommon History of 1776: A Book Review by Eugene R. H. Tesdahl
A Man Most Driven: Captain John Smith, Pocahontas and the Founding of America: A Book Review by Casey Criswell

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Fate, Hope and Charity by Janet Bright and others book cover

The Battle for the Fourteenth Colony

America's War of Liberation in Canada 1774-1776
by Mark R. Anderson

This is the first full treatment of the attempted Canadian liberation in nearly a century. This book is thoroughly researched and action packed examining the American colonies' campaign to bring Quebec into the Continental confederation and free the Canadians from British tyranny.

Hardcover, 437 pp, 6 1/2" x 9 1/2",
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The Battle for the Fourteenth Colony: America's War of Liberation in Canada 1774-1776 by Mark R. Andersonbook cover

Fate, Hope and Charity

Essays by Janette Bright and Dr. Gillian Clark
Creative Respnses by Charlie Dark, Jackie Kay, Hallie Rubenhold and David Shrigley

Individual heartbreaking stories of five children who lived at the Foundling Hospital in the second half of the 18th century are told within this book. In the book Threads of Feeling reader's were introduced to textiles used to identify foundlings. But each of these textiles represents an infant who was left there. These stories are followed by four creative responses which are almost as captivating. Intermixed are pictures of documents and tokens pertaining to the stories.

Softcover, 64 pp, 5 3/4" x 8 1/4",

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Fate, Hope and Charity by Janet Bright and others book cover
book cover book cover

A Modest Collection of Traditional Songs of the Colonial Period
by M. Richard Tully

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This book contains 70 songs with a historical note about each. Made with both beginners and experts in mind anyone may pick up the book and begin at their own level. The songs were arranged to be easy to play on flute, whistle, or guitar. An appendices discusses guitar, flute, pipe, tabor, violin and other appropriate instruments of the period.

165 pp.

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The Laundress (Jean-Baptisite Greuze)

This lively and engrossing book traces the history of the Getty Museum's painting, compares the work to other laundresses painted by Greuze, and explores social mores and the role of artist's model in the eighteenth century. It provides an enlightening account of Greuze's life and times and the influences on his work.

Excellent description of the laundresses of Paris among others and the first description we've read of exactly how linens were washed. The pictures also highlight clothing of the lower sort.

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Chapbooks or Small Books

Small books were the first cheep paperbacks sold on the streets. They were sold as a single piece of paper and cut and stitched by the customer. Usually these pamphlets were printed without date or author. Because of this dating originals are based on sales records or the years publishers were in business. These are museum quality reproductions printed on white water marked paper and hand stitched with linen thread. Very careful editing is done to ensure strict retention of all original spelling including the long s.

Small books may be a very useful interpretive tool. Often they were read aloud in taverns and coffee shops. Sometimes several were brought to a professional book binder and made into one volume. Thousands were published throughout Europe and imported to the colonies.


Cambridge Jests
or, Wits Recreation.

Anonymous c. 1770

How many jokes do you know that are over 200 years old? Jest or joke books were very popular during the 17th century but have remained in print to the present. This is copied from an original in a private collection. Much can be learned about the people of the 18th century by reading their jokes. Consistent with the values of the times many of the jokes in this book are bawdy.

Dimensions: 4" x 7 1/2"
24 pp.

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The Poor Unhappy Transported Felon's
Sorrowful Account of His Fourteen Years Transportation at Virginia, in-America.

Anonymous c. 1760s

This story describes the life of a young apprentice born in London who falls into bad company and finds himself being sold along with slaves to work on a plantation in Virginia. The entire story is written in rhyme that could be set to music and sung as a ballad. As an interpretive tool much may be learned about the slave trade, clothing, and the life of the laboring poor. Several original copies of this book are held in collections both public and private.

Dimensions: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
8 pp.

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book cover book cover

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