The sign of the unicorn. A fabric shop for 18th century reenactors and historians.

Basic Garments

Shift - an 18th century undergarment for women worn next to the skin. The French name for this garment is chemise. It is loose fitting and pulls on over the head; has a low adjustable neckline and ¾ length sleeves. Shoulder seam rests on upper arm, well off the shoulder. Shift hangs to below the knee.

Petticoat - an 18th century garment worn the way a skirt is now worn. Openings are left in side seams for access to hanging pockets. Petticoat is pleated to waistband, and fastens with ties.

Short Gown - a hip-length unfitted jacket with long sleeves, to be held closed with straight pins and apron. Pattern enclosed.

Apron - a rectangle of fabric pleated to a waistband, worn tied around the waist.

Handkerchief - a square or triangular piece of fabric finished on all sides, worn around the neck.

Pocket - a shaped bag worn tied around the waist under the visible petticoat. Pattern enclosed.

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