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Pet en l'Air or Robe à la Française

The robe à la Française was one of the most flattering gowns of the 18th century! It has a fitted torso without front waist seam, and a pleated sack back that extends from neckline to hem in graceful pleats. The fit of the bodice is controlled by the lining; it has an under stomacher that laces closed in the front and ties to adjust the back. This style was popular from the 1750s through the 1770s.

In its shortened jacket form, it was usually called a pet-en-lair.

Robe àa la Francaise

Included in each package is a small sleeve flounce pattern, not shown in illustration, plus diagrams with instructions for making a petticoat to be worn over hoops or a false rump.

Available in sizes 8-22, one size per pattern

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