The sign of the unicorn. A fabric shop for 18th century reenactors and historians.

Linen and Woolen Draper,
Haberdasher &c.

A sampler made by the author of the pattern.Wood button molds used for making death head buttons.This woman's gown pattern has been developed in many workshops to aide even a beginner to make a proper gown.We have a selection of fascinating needle cases.
Although made in the United Kingdom the Yanks always ruled at making their own pocketbooks! Wood button molds work well for making your own death head buttons. Instructions for making as well as historical background may be found in the book Death Head" buttons their use and construction. Developed over the years in many workshops this English gown pattern will allow even a beginner to make a proper looking historically correct gown. If you have not seen our selection of needle cases you might want to check these out.

Gift certificates are great for any gift giving occasion and come in $5.00, $10.00, $25.00, $50.00, and $100.00.

William Booth in clothing typical of a merchant c. 1775.

J    ust imported from Liverpool, and the last ships from London, &c. and now opening for Sale, by Wm. Booth, In his STORE, at the Sign of the Unicorn,

A      large and excellent assortment of linen checks and stripes, linen Hollands, cords, diaper, and jeans, Scotch, Irish and flaxen ozenbrigs; Russia sheetings, Hessen, Russia and ravens duck, canvas; plains, serge, broadcloths, woolens, worsteds, white flannels, scarlet, drab, light and dark blue, brown, claret, garnet, sage, purple and pea green, coarse cloths; coloured threads, Scotch threads; wool doubled, and ready for knitting; mould, thread and wire shirt buttons; fashionable plated and brass buttons; Indian binding, white, and red, white twist, white tapes, colour'd silk ribbon, worsted braid, gold lace; scissors, bodkins, stilleto; brass, Pinchbeck, shoe and knee buckles, plain sleeve links; With a general assortment of other goods as usual.