The sign of the unicorn. A fabric shop for 18th century reenactors and historians.

Linen and Woolen Draper,
Haberdasher &c.

While supplies last, black and drab broadcloth remnants are on sale. Making perfectly straight, even, buttonholes can be tricky! Try using a reproduction buttonhole chisel. Exclusively at Wm. Booth, Draper reproduction check c. 1750s-1800 linen.

Gift certificates are great for any gift giving occasion and come in $5.00, $10.00, $25.00, $50.00, and $100.00.

A selection of items for sale at Wm. Booth, Draper.

What woman would not like a surprise of flowers? A set of silk thread buttons would be a great surprise for any event. Spruce up anyone's outfit with a change of shoe buckles.

William Booth in clothing typical of a merchant c. 1775.

J    ust imported from Liverpool, and the last ships from London, &c. and now opening for Sale, by Wm. Booth, In his STORE, at the Sign of the Unicorn,

A      large and excellent assortment of linen checks and stripes, linen Hollands, cords, diaper, and jeans, Scotch, Irish and flaxen ozenbrigs; Russia sheetings, Hessen, Russia and ravens duck, canvas; plains, serge, broadcloths, woolens, worsteds, white flannels, scarlet, drab, light and dark blue, brown, claret, garnet, sage, purple and pea green, coarse cloths; coloured threads, Scotch threads; wool doubled, and ready for knitting; mould, thread and wire shirt buttons; fashionable plated and brass buttons; Indian binding, white, and red, white twist, white tapes, colour'd silk ribbon, worsted braid, gold lace; scissors, bodkins, stilleto; brass, Pinchbeck, shoe and knee buckles, plain sleeve links; With a general assortment of other goods as usual.