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Sleeve Buttons Set With Stones


Assembled in the USA

Sleeve buttons were often set with stones and could cost no more than plain sleeve buttons since they were often made of inexpensive paste or cut glass. Very expensive options were also available being set with costly gems. These reproductions, are inexpensive and look the part but aren't hand crafted as they were in the period. Sleeve buttons set with stones were used throughout the 18th century on the sleeves of men's shirts and women's shifts from the early 18th to the early 19th century.

Cuff links are often confused with sleeve buttons but are structurally different and the name cuff link wasn't used until about the 1860s. Sleeve buttons have been found in such numbers at archaeological sites from Ft. Michilimackinac, Michigan to Williamsburg, Virginia people of all economic standing wore sleeve buttons. In this 1754 painting Joseph Mann of Boston by John Singleton Copley wears what appear to be plain brass sleeve buttons. Sleeve buttons were issued to soldiers of many military regiments including the 17th of Foot in 1776 and the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment in 1778. These buttons are made of excellent quality 1/2" domed buttons and are available in. For example from personal communication with Mike Barbieri in the 1775 Connecticut Gazette there was "Stolen out of the house . . .  a pair of stone sleeve buttons set in silver marked CS the under side of them".

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